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Approved by CSAA for VA educational benefits 

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How often have you said to yourself “I want to learn how to do taxidermy?"

A new career in taxidermy is waiting for you at the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training.

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» Gorgeous mounts for yourself, your family and your friends!

» Have a career where you determine the hours and the pay!

» Work around people who share your passion for the outdoors!

» Feel the satisfaction of creating lasting works of art.

» Save money by mounting your own hunting and fishing memories.

What the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy can do for you!

We can prepare you for a new career or a hobby in taxidermy, giving you careful instruction and instilling you with confidence in your abilities in your chosen field of wildlife artistry.

At the Institute, we can teach you how to properly “see” animals and their anatomy in order to re-create their actual shape, color and expression. We don’t teach you with a “paint by number” method.

C.I.T.T. employs industry active instructors who encourage your full creative potential, helping you to be the best you can be. Learn cutting edge techniques designed to take you to the top of the taxidermy world.

The Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training, Inc.
has been training national as well as international students for 20 years.

Approved by CSAA for VA Educational Benefits

C.I.T.T. works with many state vocational rehabilitation agencies.

Visit our Program & Catalog page for course descriptions, view our Course Schedule, or contact us now to enroll.



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